Full Stack Developer

Let's build a program that takes kids to another level in math.


I am Ain, CTO & co-founder at 99math (that's not me on the pic). I’m looking for a Full Stack developer to join our team. 

We're on a mission to make math exciting via a game. We made the first version and already 300,000 kids are playing it. Now, we're looking for a developer to help us build the new version of the game.
As a product, 99math is quite SaaS-like so don't worry if you haven't built native apps or games yet. 
Our game looks more like Candy Crush (you play on mobile, you see some UI’s and there’s some added emotion) and the game generates reports for teachers and parents (SaaS products have these also) which help them understand kids' progress.

Our tech-stack (so far):

Right now our technical stack on the front end is Vue.js, SCSS, Websockets and we run everything as a static SPA on AWS. In the BE we use Node (nestjs & typescript) and then store the data in mongodb & redis.

Your role:

You’ll work with the entire product team in a fast-paced environment to build ideas into features, crush bugs & help the company win. It’s a real-time application and you would work on the entire application. 
Together with the designer and other devs, you would work on implementing the design and functional requirements, making sure that the feature meets its goals. And so we can build a heck of a product as a team!

Our Mission / Why This?

It’s no secret that kids don’t like math, but math is kinda important. Great math results help you get into great universities...

... and high-paying jobs in the modern economy (science, technology, engineering, and business.) But kids don't think of that when they're 10 years old.

However, kids like mobile games and we're on a mission to make math exciting for kids via a game. As they play, their math skills skyrocket and we help them form a smarter brain and create a better life.
In the next 12 months, our aim is to have 1 million kids playing 99math. And then work towards 100 million!

How We Roll

Our team is located in Tallinn, Estonia. We expect you to be here with us. Building a world-class product requires regular and sometimes spontaneous communication and working with a pro team in the same place. Occasional remote work (home/cafe/on a trip) is also fine.
Creating a product with us feels fast, we’re cutting corners, and yet create an amazing experience for users. We are driven by the big vision, work in short production cycles, ship often and measure the effect on users, then make it better. We create exceptional conversions and growth loops, so users stay and invite their friends.

Ideally you would have:
 - 3+ years in a Full Stack Developer role (within a startup is a bonus) 
 - Strong Javascript & CSS skills (Typescript is a bonus) and strong experience in Node.js  - or any Object Oriented language  - Experience with Document based databases (NoSQL)  - Experience with any cloud systems (AWS; Azure, Google)  - Knowledge of major frontend frameworks  - Solid understanding of algorithms and data structures
It's a plus if you have:
 - Experience with micro-service and distributed systems  - Monitoring and troubleshooting experience  - Experience with Vue.js  - Experience with config Apache, Ngnix, Amazon Web Services

You can expect...

To join a startup team, build an amazing math game, get equity in the company, and impact how kids experience math via your game. 

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